Iglesia de Sant Felip Neri, Barcelona
Iglesia de Sant Felip Neri
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Address: Plaça Sant Felip Neri 5 5. Barcelona, Spain  
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La iglesia de Sant Felip Neri is a baroque church located on a small hidden plaza named Plaza del Sant Felip Neri, in the gothic quarter of Barcelona.

The church was built between 1721 - 1752 in a relatively short time of construction and is work of the architect Pere Bertran, who has been assisted by the constructor Salvador Ausich i Font. The sculpture have been created by Pere Costa and Careles Grau.

In the exterior wall of the church there are a great amount of damages from bomb explosion.

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Telephone: 93 317 3116
Iglesia de Sant Felip NeriIglesia de Sant Felip NeriIglesia de Sant Felip Neri
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